Las Vegas Will Now Boast of being the Largest U.S. City to Entirely Power-up by Renewable Energy

California, the supposedly biggest green energy supporter in the U.S., will meet head on with the Sin City, Las Vegas. Sources confirm that the city plans to go 100% clean in terms of energy.

After the two big cities with plans to run on clean energy by 2035 – San Francisco and San Jose, Las Vegas will now become the largest city in the U.S., powered-up by renewable energy. @CityOfLasVegas tweeted and confirmed, “We are now one of the few cities of the world that can say all the power we use comes from a green source.”

The recent opening event of NV Energy’s large solar energy plant near Las Vegas marked the confirmation of the goal of going 100% clean in terms of energy. Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman quoted last week, “”This is truly a proud day for Las Vegas,” as the city plans to run completely on the solar energy. He thanked the government’s firm renewable energy initiatives, and support from the Boulder Solar plant based in Boulder City and the hydroelectric partner Hoover Dam, which have collectively helped the facilities across the city to gain 100% power from green energy.

As of now, all the Vegas Government facilities, including around 140 buildings, all streetlights, and some other government-owned facilities, are now powered only by renewable energy. State’s residential and commercial buildings and facilities are lined-up to be renewably powered, soon. Since the past few years, Las Vegas has invested over US$ 40 Mn in clean energy; the shift to this new green energy model is however estimated to spike-up the city’s annual energy savings to nearly US$ 5 Mn.

In the race to leave fossil fuels behind, Las Vegas is certainly a strong contender. The Sin City, often lit up to brighten evenings through nights, hosts some top casinos that recently announced their renewable energy plans. MGM Resorts International, Wynn Las Vegas, and Las Vegas Sands Corp. are a few of them to first install solar panels on the roofs across multiple acres.

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