Libyan militants detained people in secret places

Thousands of people were taken into custody by Libyan militias. They were all kept in secrete centers. The interim government could not confirm this. As per UN, the problem was highlighted during latest violence in Tripoli, Benghazi and Bani Walid.

As told by UN officials, militia groups captured around 8000 people. They are suspected to be pro-Gaddafi supporters. Medecins Sans Frontieres, the humanitarian medical organization, told that it had terminated services in the detention centers, which were located in west of Misrata. In the violence took place at Bani Walid four people have died.

Ian Martin, Libya envoy for UN, told to Security Council that the Bani Walid violence was wrongly reported as clash between pro-Gaddafi supporters and revolutioners. He also told that there is a need for recounseling both of them, Gaddafi supporters and revolutioners.

He also said that several brigades are not having clear commands to execute government’s power. However, they had already taken appropriate steps to disperse ex-combatants. Navi Pillay, Chief of UN human rights told that they were 8,500 people detained in 60 centers by the militia. Most of them are Africans and believed to be to Gaddafi followers.

She said that, all the detained people are being ill treated and tortured. She requested the authorities to take control over the illegal jails and prosecute the detainers legally as per law.

Osama al-Juwali, Defense Minister of Libya visited Bani Walid and said that the situation was under control. During his visit National Transitional Counsel forces were heavily armed and present outside the town. It was reported that they have been forced to move out of the town by the fighters.

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