Libyan NOC Targets Libya’s Oil Production Capacity to Reach 900 Thousand bpd by Next Year

The NOC officials announced on Monday that Libya’s current oil production capacity has recently exceeded 700 thousand bpd (barrels per day), which is projected to rise up to 900 thousand bpd by 2017.

After major issues in Al-Zawiya Oil Refinery were recently resolved, Libya’s NOC (National Oil Corporation) announced that the country’s per-day oil output has crossed 700 thousand bpd. According to NOC officials, the NOC of Libya could get the country’s oil industry back on track through reopening of the Al-Sharara oilfield, which previously registered a production capacity of around 330 bpd. However, the Al-Feen oilfield with over 90 thousand bpd of oil production capacity is still not ready for production owing to certain issues.

Libyan NOC aspires to reach the oil production of up to 900 thousand bpd by early 2017. Sanalla, NOC Chairman, confirmed during his Jalo visit that Libya’s oil production has spiked up to around 708 thousand bpd, which is the highest value since the past three years. Sanalla’s visit to Southeast Libya’s Jalo oil production area was accompanied by some civil society organizations and the area’s local dignitary personalities.

The visit was important for both, Sanalla as well as Libyan citizens, as it involved an extensive discussion about local environmental and development-related problems in the region. A foundation stone was laid by Sanalla, to a local Petroleum Institute planned to open soon in this area. This according to sources will be an optimistic move toward local training and development.

Sanalla also condemned fuel smuggling and power cuts in across Libya, which ultimately affect poor families in Libya. While fuel smuggling results in scarcity of fuel, power cuts compel people to use alternative, affordable sources. He further explained that the NOC has plans to combat fuel smuggling and prevent black markets for fuels.

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