Lily Rabe’s Mother Passed Away

Lily Rabe is psychologically disturbed after her mother passed away on November 5. Lily is currently involved in the new Broadway production “The Merchant of Venice” and when she heard about her mother’s death she was practically unable to perform on scene.

The announcement was made by the husband her dad, the dramatist David Rabe.

Her mother was suffering from leukemia for more than 20 years.

Jill Clayburgh began his career on Broadway in the 60s. It is best known for her role in “A Single Woman” (1978), for which he was nominated and won an Oscar for best actress at Cannes.

She also received an Oscar nomination for comedy “Starting Over” (from end) (1979), where she starred with Burt Reynolds.

Among her television roles include appearances in “Law & Order”, “The Practice” and “Nip / Tuck.” She also played Ally McBeal’s mother on the series television with the same name.

After her mother’s demise, Lily Rabe is still psychologically damaged and she is expected not to attend the performances or the rehearsals for many days.

Lily Rabe is now filming “The Merchant of Venice” where she plays the main role of Portia, a production where Al Pacino plays the role of Shylock.