Live -In Care Program- Prominent Opportunity for Care Givers

The government and several associations across the globe have skilled and employed more than 6 million volunteers to help people with dementia. The huge number of charitable help for Alzheimer’s patients is done by women (accounting for over 63%). According to a report by National Alliance for Caregiving, caregivers of people with Alzheimer disease deliver more time and care than people caring for other individuals. Researchers have also stated that it may require more than four people to care for a person living with dementia.

Effect of Alzheimer on Caregivers

People with Dementia require long-term help and dependence on family members. Alzheimer’s disease caregivers observe several responsibilities on personal as well as professional level. Caregivers could face the variety of emotions, from guiltiness to annoyance. This may affect their own physical as well as financial health. Providing care for an individual with dementia is an extremely complex procedure that involves adjustment and changes in a day to day life.

Live in Care program in Canada

More than half a million of the old populace in Canada suffer from dementia. In North Bay Area, there are over 1600 people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or an associated dementia.

The Government, health care providers, and gerontologists have been struggling to recognize the caregiving practice in a better way. According to the latest report, the region has experienced significant changes in the live-in care program recently. This program is offering better opportunities and protection to caregivers by enabling them to live with their employers.

Till now, it could take over three years to process permanent residence requests made by caregivers. The recent change to the caregiver program emphasized on the formation of two new classes for caregivers working in Canada on temporary work licenses to get permanent residence.

Caregivers who take care of the elderly or those with chronic medical needs along with childcare providers can get permanent residence” stated by Government.

Trends Driving the Health Caregiver Market

Expanding online home delivery services is likely to have a positive impact in the caregiving industry in the coming times. Stakeholders across the globe are modernizing their advertisement approaches and plans in order to boost their customer outreach over the coming years.

It is also said that rising technology demand will play a vital role for health caregiving industry. Additionally, the demand for user-friendly applications will stimulate the market for health caregivers. The reliance on social media tools is increasing at a rapid rate, therefore, boosting the demand for health caregiving.

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Asia Pacific to Grow Lucratively

Asia Pacific is likely to display considerable growth in the coming years. Japan is projected to emerge as the largest health caregiving market by crossing the market value of more than US$ 2.5 Billion by 2024. The country is estimated to account a strong CAGR of over 6.5% over the forecast period (2016-2024). Mobile service manufacturers in this region are focusing on innovating novel products in order to serve better services for the elderly populace.

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