Local Operators to Flock in Highest Numbers Ever at DWTC for Gulfood 2017

Dubai World Trade Center will be hosting the 22nd edition of the largest global food and hospitality show – Gulfood between February 26 and March 2, this year. Reports confirm that a record number of UAE-based operators will participate this year to showcase various trending international food concepts.

From 26th February to 2nd March, 2017, thousands of F&B businesses will flock at the DWTC to demonstrate their expertise in international food concepts that are currently trending in the global food and beverages market.

The Gulfood officials expect more than 5,000 exhibitors in total, 95,000+ trade and business visitors from across the globe, and around 10 different food sectors to dazzle the world’s biggest food and hospitality show.

A large number of F&B operators, local as well as international, are aspiring to expand their market stakes within the global food and beverages market that will possibly touch a whopping value of US$ 26 billion over the next few years.

Moreover, a record number of local, UAE-based F&B businesses – over 400 companies based in the Emirates are looking forward to hold a strong foot this year in a bid to capitalize on the opportunities through launch of their specialty cutting-edge int’l food and beverage product lines.

Expert Opinion:

The Partner of KMPG and the Head, Retails Division, the Lower Gulf, Anuraj Bajpai says, “Innovation in menu and precise understanding of trending consumer preferences crafts the latest formula for succeeding in F&B sector, for it is the real differentiator. A myriad F&B concepts and formats offered across the UAE reflect the region’s impeccable demographics.”

“We perfectly understand the attracting of getting something entirely new to the market and are even familiar with the associated challenges the market will throw at us in the long run,” he adds further.

According to Bajpai, F&B operators are ought to grasp and predict consumer behavior patterns i.e. the most challenging factor; innovating food and beverage concepts that have already gained mass appeal could be profitable for operators.

In the meanwhile, exhibitors are gearing up for their adventurous product lines to showcase at Golfood. These product lines are expected to be among those which have already established and gained popularity within some other parts of the world.

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