Madonna Has Lice

Madonna says that she can not get rid of lice that have invaded her house brought in singer’s residence by one of her children, perhaps from school.

The famous singer said that one of her children brought head lice home from school probably and she can not get rid of them.

“There’s some head lice going around in my house… It’s a reoccurring occurrence. I’m afraid to lay down in my children’s bed and put my head on their pillows,” says the famous singer.

Madonna has four children. In the early ’90s, Madonna met fitness trainer Carlos Leon and Lourdes was born from this relationship. Madonna also has a biological son, Rocco, with Guy Ritchie, and two other adopted children in Malawi – David and Mercy.

Described by many times as “one of the best pop artists of all time“, called “Queen of Pop” (or Pop Queen), Madonna is the best-selling singer of the twentieth century, according to the Recording Industry Association of America with over 200 million albums sold worldwide. In March 2008, she was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.