Making the Invisible Visible – IBM to Virtually Bring Devices for Superhero Vision in Next Five Years

In line with the IBM’s theme for 2017 i.e. “Making the Invisible Visible”, the company is emphasizing hyperimaging, chip technology, artificial intelligence, and smart sensors. A novel combination of hyperimaging with artificial intelligence, will deliver the revolutionary ‘superhero vision’ to humans very soon.

The next five years will be crucial for IBM, as it aspires to redefine the human vision within the five-year period. A team of IBM scientists with expertise in hyperimaging technology is currently working on constructing a compact, portable hyperimaging platform.

This platform will reportedly render the real ‘superhero vision’ to humans.

This superhero vision will supposedly enable humans to see all the things that are generally not visible to the naked eye. The things that cannot be seen or visualized within 99.9% of the electromagnetic spectrum, will possibly be visible after five years from now.

The hyperimaging technology will reveal specific portions of the electromagnetic spectrum on a single platform in order to host affordable devices, which can later be embedded in smartphones.

A new combination of artificial intelligence and hyperimaging will pinpoint the mechanism of these new imaging devices that will soon hit markets. This exceptional technological combo will enable visualization of the things that cannot be seen otherwise in visible light,” states an expert scientist from IBM who is currently spearheading the hyperimaging research project.

A senior researcher, Alberto Garcia, explains this technology as grand hyper vision in his own words. He confirms that he has been working on this revolutionary system that will impart humans the superhero vision.

Possibilities are endless; technically, this technological revolution can even attain the X-ray vision probably in wearable imaging devices. And who knows, this highly ambitious technology will further be transcending all the restrictions currently faced by the X-ray scanners and machines.

IBM looks forward to the introduction of hyperimaging devices as one part of the company’s annual Five-in-Five technologies program. This technology is expected to hit markets soon as a groundbreaking innovation that has immense potential to transform the way humans look at the world around them.

This technology will change their day-to-day life, work, and interaction with other humans and things surrounding them. It is also projected to boost opportunities in the self-driving/autonomous cars sector in near future.

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