Maldives issues arrest warrant for ex-President Mohamed Nasheed

A criminal court in Maldives has issued an arrest warrant for former president Mohamed Nasheed on Thursday. Crowds of supporters have gathered at the house of Nasheed, as a warrant. Nasheed’s wife and daughters arrived Wednesday afternoon in Sri Lanka.

Police used tear gas to disperse the crowd as unrest intensified; reports have indicated that Mr. Mohamed Nasheed was amongst the injured. The authority denied this, but on Wednesday protests turned violent.

Mohamed Nasheed said to reporters “Fresh election is what we want and we are not relying on the international community for that, we are relying on the people of the Maldives,”

New President of Maldives, Mohammed Waheed Hassan Manik, said that although a warrant is outstanding, he has ordered it not to be carried out unless it turn out to be compulsory for Mr. Nasheed’s personal protection.

Hassan, had promised to protect Nasheed from retribution, said his predecessor was not under any restriction and was free to leave the country. Though, he said he would not interfere with any police or court action against Nasheed. Nasheed had become an environmental celebrity for urging global action against climate change, warning that rising sea levels would inundate his archipelago nation.

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