Marco Simoncelli’s Number Went to Museum

Marco Simoncelli’s Number Went to Museum

Italian Motor Sport Federation (CSAI – Commissione Sportiva Automobilistica Italiana) suggested Dorna to withdraw number 58 which along this time was used by Gresini Honda Racer, Marco Simoncelli.

Marco Simoncelli’s Number Went to Museum

CSAI sent official letter to Dorna who is MotoGP World Champion organizer which sent directly to CSAI President, Paolo Sesti, and aimed to Carmelo Ezpeleta who’s Dorna CEO, where Sesti asked to immortalize Simoncelli’s racing number. “As final preparation before goes to farewell with Marco Simoncelli in his funeral tomorrow, we sure that we need to do easiest way to memorize forever racer who followed MotoGP World Champion with all his special talent and character. A racer and person who would be longed forever!” wrote Sesti in his letter as reported by GPone.

“That’s why, Italian Motor Sport Federation asked Dorna to always keep the number ’58’ in highest category of world champion. I’m sure that Dorna is able to do that and want to understand the deep meaning of this request, and that’s why we’re so sure about the acceptance,” the CSAI President continued.

Simoncelli died after deadly accident in second lap of Malaysian GP in Sepang circuit, Sunday (23/10). How the Gresini Honda racer passed away invited sympathy from all over the world, especially from all world athletes in Italia.

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