Mass Gatherings Can Cause Disease Spread at the 2012 Olympics: Experts Fear

Health experts have expressed their concern over spreading of diseases during a mob gathering. They also warned that mass gatherings like London 2012 Olympics can cause spreading of diseases all across the world.

They also said that it will have several consequences on the people of the host country. There are chances of other nationals carrying diseases to their home countries when they return after games over.

Several reports have revealed the same thing. All these reports were highlighted by the Lancet Infections Disease journal. All the risks include were also highlighted.

The theory says when all people packed together and closely, the risk of disease spreading increases. Prof Ibrahim Abubakr, University at East Anglia, also brought out that there is a chance of clubbing of all diseases that previously exist in the country with several other diseases brought in by the visitors.

He also mentioned that music festivals, religious gatherings and major sporting events can have this risk of disease spreading, the way it happened during World Youth Day in 2008 in Australia.

The reports also mentioned about challenges that can be faced in controlling such huge crowd. They reminded the stampede at Love Parade 2010 held in Germany. In this stampede 21 people succumbed to death while 500 people injured.

Saudi Arabia also has to made serious preparations for over two million people who gather every year for Hajj. Prof Ziad Menish stated that deaths and destructions are always associated with mass gatherings.

Prof Brain has told that they are ensuring right systems placed rightly for a prompt response. He is planning to get data straight from walk in centers and hospitals so as to make the world’s biggest surveillance system on diseases.




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