Mechanical Watch with Smart Connectivity Technology

The major problem with most smart watches has been discovering a way for dealing with the design portion of “dial.” After the whole designing of watch parts, when it comes to dial, it’s very challenging for even the best-looking smart watch to compete with classic style and look of an analog watch.

Grayton Company is taking a different approach to making watches. It is the only company which makes automatic watches and is capable of designing entirely customized collections in a quick time, revolutionizing a process that can take several weeks. Grayton’s latest watch called the Origin, is an attempt at developing an automated self-winding watch and directly inserting smart features into the strap.

The strap of Origin links with an Android device via Grayton mobile application through which one can control music, track fitness activity, and vibrate on signal notifications. The strap of a watch is charged through a USB port hidden at the strap’s end.

The Grayton is not the only watchmaker with this idea; other notable names include Main tool and Skagen. The Classic strap is made by Main tool, which includes magnetic charging along with a heart rate sensor that goes a bit more than the Origin while Skagen includes integrated sensors which are embedded into the case of a mechanical watch.

The strap of Origin, unlike the Classic is not available alone; rather it is only sold with the Grayton’s automatic watch. Though, if a person decides to pick one, then there is no need to have anything another watch that can fit a 20mm wide strap.

The Grayton’s Origin watch has very simple features but the design is aesthetically pleasing. Powered by Japanese technology of automatic mechanical movement, with a crystal glass having the sapphire coating on it.

Moreover, the Grayton’s Origin is available on Indiegogo for $149 which is an early-bird price. Grayton already ships and sells various other products, but the warnings associated with crowdfunding campaigns are still spread over.

Summary: Watchmaker Grayton has made a new watch called ‘Origin’ featuring a mechanical dial paired with a smart strap that tracks fitness activity and controls music through a button.

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