Merapi Volcano Claims At Least 18 Lives

According to the TV reports and the doctors’ verdict, Merapi, Indonesia’s most devastating volcano burst on Monday, killing at least 18 people and injuring 20 by the hot ash. Out of 11,400 living on this dangerous mountain, most people were evacuated, although some resisted staying on their fertile land and homes on the mountain.

There are mixed emotions and reports about the coming few months, according to some, it is possible that there might be some big explosions in the coming period, although some reports suggest that volcano may settle down.

Scientists also warned that there is a massive pressure building up, under the mountain, just 300 miles away from Capital Jakarta, can erupt in a disgraceful manner and cause the destruction not seen in many years.

Surono, who is a government volcanologist stayed optimistic when he told that there were huge energy pressure mounting beneath the mountain, but they hoped that it releases slowly, but if not then we might see the eruption we haven’t seen in past many years.

Chief volcanologist in Merapi area, Subandriyo told that destructive eruption started at Tuesday dusk and it had lasted for many hours of roaring and grumbling of the mountain.

Sukamto, a local resident on the mountain slope, who resisted leaving his place by the night, told that it was a horrible eruption, rumbling and roaring went on for an unbelievable long time, about 15 minutes, followed by the huge feathers of ash began to blast in the air.

It was, however, not only the volcano which caused the destructive disturbance in indonesia, but also the tsunami, triggered by a 7.7 magnitude earthquake just 800 miles away from Merapi, killing hundreds of people in string of islands.

Indonesia is spread over 17500 islands and they contain 129 active volcanoes, they have caused eruption and had shown their anger in the past years many times, killing 1300 people in 1930, 60 in 194 and 2 in 2006.