Mercedes SLK 2012 – New Images and Official Details

Mercedes presents new details and photos of the future SLK model. It has a special roof that seems straight out of science fiction films. Called Magic Sky Control, the electro chromic panoramic roof is designed to reduce cabin temperature. This special roof gets “darken” in a few seconds after a one button touch. “If the structure of glass is subjected to electric voltage, particles in the structure are positioned so that light can pass through glass. If the voltage is not activated the particles are placed randomly. Thus, the light is partially blocked and the glass remains dark,” said a statement.

To demonstrate the possibilities of the design, the engineers have carried out several tests in Death Valley, a desert in the U.S. The panoramic roof blocks UV and infrared rays, which helps keep the temperature up to 10% lower in the cabin than a normal roof.

Beside these details, Mercedes introduced a series of photographs which shows how the future SLK will look inside. Although it is partly covered by camouflage, we can see that it is inspired by the SLS model, with a three-spoke steering wheel and a new panel with board indicators.

Most likely, the car will be unveiled next year at Detroit or Geneva