Merck Acquires BioControl in a Bid to Unlock Opportunities in US Food & Beverage Industry

On the backdrop of recent recalls and outbreaks regarding food safety issues, the significance of food safety and security is repeatedly bagging the limelight. A life science giant Merck has recently announced the acquisition of BioControl Systems in order to seek market expansion and growth in F&B sector, especially in the U.S.

Merck’s recently announced acquisition of BioControl Systems will reportedly pave way for the former’s new growth opportunities in the food and beverages vertical. In a bid to thrive in the U.S. food and beverages sector, Merck is looking forward to this acquisition as a critical and first one in 2017. According to the Merck officials, this deal is a strategy to achieve business expansion in key geographical markets across the globe.

With recent food and beverage product recalls and disease outbreaks following product contamination by E. Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and Campylobacter, the spotlight on the important of food safety and security is once again intensified. With this background, Merck considers this acquisition a strong growth opportunity in F&B sector, through delivering high-quality food and beverage products. This deal will allow the company to provide consumers with an all-inclusive food and beverage safety pathogen-testing platform.

According to Udit Batra, CEO, Merck life science business, BioControl acquisition will boost our ability to help F&B consumers protect and assure a safe food and beverage supply chain. He also says that the combination of Merck’s own strengths in filtration, microbiology, and ecommerce, with BioControl’s validated assays and kits, will be one of its kind and will deliver the highest quality, reliable solution to the global food and beverage pathogen testing space.

BioControl’s recognized detection technology and testing platforms that are validated by third-party will reportedly complement the existing product and service, instruments and consumables portfolio of Merck. This acquisition will strengthen the company’s applied solutions business for the current food and beverage pathogen testing workflow.

Before this much-discussed acquisition, recently in 2015, Merck completed the acquisition of Sigma-Aldrich worth $17 Bn.

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