Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Is Going to Be the Next Big Thing Launched in 2017

People are now excited for the official launch of Microsoft’s next Surface Pro. Many are expecting the new one to be released soon within the Q1 of 2017. But it seems according to reports that the all new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 launch may get official no sooner than the 2017 spring.

However, we believe that the wait is going to be totally worth it. After all, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is Windows 10 that will debut as an all-in-one model for tech lovers.

Till this beautiful piece of technology unveils officially, here we get the latest updates that must be known before its release.

Release Date

For almost all Microsoft Surface series products, October is like a historical month. In October 2015, Microsoft had launched the Surface Pro 4 and the much awaited Surface Book. Later in October 2016, the company announced the release of its high-end Surface Book i7, Microsoft Surface Dial, and Microsoft Surface Studio. Although a few Surface products such as Surface Pro 3 have the history of hitting the market in the month of February some year, October has been the month of Microsoft Surface series. This year too, the launch of Surface Pro 5 is cannot be expected before spring.


The Surface Pro 5 might come in a dual variety of screens, 2K and 4K. For those who seek the best ever experience and are read to spend for it once, the 4K model will be a bliss. The next update might be regarding the expandable RAM up to 16GB. Rumors have been making the rounds that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will have the Kaby Lake chipset integrated in it. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.


In terms of price, the Microsoft Surface series has hardly shifted over the years. Surface Pro lovers are expecting the new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 with an average price tag of $899, which is equivalent to AU$1,349 or £749. However, the fact cannot be ignored that the price will entirely depend on that specially configured hardware in the upcoming Surface Pro 5 and whatever accessories will be bundled with it at the time of the official announcement.

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