Mitt Romney Takes on Gingrich by Reviving His campaign

It appears as if Mitt Romney realized that he had to revive his campaign. It is believed that he had hired a coach for debates. With help of this he could get some momentum in campaign against Gingrich who has been threatening to close White house doors for him.

Gingrich won the South Carolina polls. This proved that Gingrich is far ahead of Romney in opinion polls. Romney pushed the former house speaker to a corner and made him apologized for naming Anti-immigrant.

Immigration has a great importance in the state. Both the contestants are putting best efforts to bag the votes of immigrants, accounted approximately to 1.5 million. The contestants have also started airing Spanish commercials.

Romney pointed at Gingrich’s idea of constructing a colony on moon. He told that, had any business executive approached him with the idea, he would have fired him. Gingrich also replied to this by saying that he had never seen a President of America with an account in Swiss Bank.

Rick Santorum has also showed strongest performance while trying hard to keep up pace with other candidates. He expressed displeasure about the battle between Gingrich and Romney. Ron Paul, who is hardly campaigning in the state, also came up with some liter moments.

Republicans have supported Romney to beat Barack Obama and are happy with his performance. Bob Dole, former presidential candidate took on Gingrich with some public criticism and stated that no one in the Congress ever endorsed Gingrich.

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