Mossad Behind Iranian Missile Experts Death?

Mossad Behind Iranian Missile Experts Death?

A Senior Commander of Iran Missile development program died in explosion at a military base, last Saturday. All of sudden, the incident created speculation that Mossad, Israel Intelligence Agency, involved on it.

The Commander is Brigadier General Hassan Moghaddam. Total 17 people died in explosion happened in Revolution Guard Complex located 25 miles eastern of Teheran Capital City. Iran Government said that the explosion caused by ‘accident’ when ammunition removed. However, Moghaddam position in missile development program has created speculation that the incident is sabotage which was done by Israel Intelligence Agency or even their US partner, CIA, which tried to stop the Iranian nuclear weapon program.

Mossad Behind Iranian Missile Experts Death?

The incident happened in the same week when Iranian Revolution Guard ex-commander’s son was found dead in a hotel room in Dubai. Website from the person’s father stated that the death was ‘suspicious’. However, Dubai Police Department insisted that the death was not suspicious.

Daily Mail reported, Brigadier General Moghaddam was responsible on ‘industrial research which aimed to guarantee the independency of ‘weapon’ needs of Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Iranian observers believed, the incident is a code to say, that he has responsible on the missile stock.

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