Near Election, Chavez Shared USD 2.3 Billion Subsidy

Near Election, Chavez shared USD 2.3 billion subsidy

Venezuela President Hugo Chaves stated to share subsidy for poor people with total value USD 2.3 billion in the beginning of 2012, when Chavez, nominated himself as president for the next period.

The social fund included USD 100 per month support for each pregnant woman and USD 100 for each child in poor family, limited by three children each family. Citizens who bear child with disability will get USD 140 each month, no matter how old the child, said Chavez.

Near Election, Chavez shared USD 2.3 billion subsidy

Such huge subsidy is very significant for Venezuela citizens, since USD 100 is a third of monthly salary for average citizens.

“I will return to check statistic, in each number,” said Chavez, who also promise “big mission” to overcome poverty which sometimes near suffering”.

“”Do you think such mission will happen in capitalist society? Impossible,” said Chavez who lead this 28 million inhabited country since 1999.

Chavez also threat to nationalize and take over business which disobey government in goods and service regulation, especially retailers who he mentioned as “stockpiling” staple goods to raise the price.

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