Nestlé Keeps up With Continuously Changing Food and Beverage Industry for over 150 Years Now

The biggest food and beverage companies of the world have often been considered as reliable growth engines, particularly in times of unanticipated financial fluctuations.

Nestle being one such company running for over 150 years and delivering its products to the furthest corners of the world is a testimony to its success. In 2015, the company was estimated to sell nearly $90 bn worth of goods in close to 200 countries. In addition to that, it is also believed that amongst all the coffee machines produced in the world, Nestlé’s can claim ownership to making one in five.

The brand’s global presence is indisputable and treasured by each country in which it operates, it holds a staggering 8000 employees in the UK itself. But the company has to stay mindful of threats that lie on the horizon, especially being one of the major market players in confectionery. The brand produces an array of confectionary products including Kit-Kat and Rowntree. On the other hand, changing consumer demand and increasing preference for healthy and nutritional alternatives is compelling the company to evolve and improve its products offerings.

Several of the brand’s preservative-laden products now require a facelift to meet the modern consumer expectation. The food and beverage industry is focusing on developing food products having less of sugar and salt content and more of the organic and natural ingredients owing to increasing health awareness.

In an attempt to improve its image as a brand that offers both healthy and tasty choices to its consumers. The company is committed to reduced sugar, offer smaller portion options or all-natural flavors. In 2016 the company introduced Guidelines Daily Amounts (GDAs) in the various parts of Europe including the UK and Ireland to displaying it on the packs.  Currently, almost 90% of it packs carry GDA information. Remarkably, the company has a lot more to do in this regard irrespective of a change in packaging, as marketing and ingredients in the products ultimately need to be more organic and compatible with the health.

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