Nestle Plucks New Chief Executive Straight from Healthcare Sector

Nestle aims to kick the decades-old effort of delivering healthy foods in high gear through this appointment.

Recently, Nestle announced the appointment of the new chief executive Ulf Mark Schneider. The company has been the world’s largest packaged food company in terms of revenues over the years, and has constantly been taking efforts toward gaining exceptional revenue sales through healthier foods. To take this effort to a whole new level, Nestle has picked its new Chief Executive straight from a healthcare behemoth – Fresenius.

Ulf Mark Schneider, who is currently at 51 years of age, has taken the charge recently. He has over 13 years of experience in spearheading Fresenius – the German healthcare giant. This company holds a strong presence in several areas of healthcare, including hospitals, drug supply, nutritional products, and medical equipment.

Nestle aspires to modernize from slow-growing foods and beverages, such as KitKat chocolate bars, Stouffer’s frozen TV dinners, and Nescafe instant coffee. While most of other food and beverage industry giants, such as General Mills, PepsiCo, and Kraft Heinz have also reformulated their existing product offerings toward a healthier portfolio and invested huge in producing healthy and nutritional packaged foods, Nestle has been the one that constantly kept on emphasizing the collaboration of food and pharmaceutical companies for best outcome.

Nestle, post-announcement of heading an industry formation between consumer goods and pharma (2010), soon launched a distinct health-science division in the company. It was the beginning of a series of acquisitions by Nestle that still continue to beef up the profits so far. With Ulf Mark Schneider’s appointment as the Chief Executive, Nestle now looks forward to delivering a new range of healthier products and generating exceptional profits while maintaining the top position in market.

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