New Congress Planes to Repeal Obamacare Considering Trump Appointees

With new republican ideologies, the US congress looks forward to revoking major sections of President Barack Obama’s healthcare and financial industry regulations. However, could find itself involved in a conflict with President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet members.

Trump in his campaigns made a commitment to unite a deeply divide nation, on 20th Jan he will be taking his position and leading a Republican Party that is expected to push legislation through Congress despite any democratic support.

According to some stats, Trump will take charge with less than half of American support to govern the military force, handle any international crisis or in avoiding any major administrative ethics lapses. The oppositions have recently warned of a possible tiff over Obamacare that is estimated to have 13.8 million people registered in its program aimed at providing health insurance to low-earning groups and extend coverage to others.  The congressional Democrats are expected to meet Obama to discuss strategies for waive off Republican attacks on Obamacare. Mike Pence the Vice President-elect is also expected to have talks with his other Republican members the same day to convince them on Obamacare revocation.

In is most likely that Republicans will try to govern legislation through Congress using amendments that will not necessitate any cooperation by Democratic. The new bill which is yet to be revealed as yet is aimed at repealing Obamacare. On the other hand, the Democrats are willing to give it all to protect the Affordable Care Act. The Republicans have been sternly objecting on Obamacare for years claiming it to be ineffective and hampering job growth. Now that they are in control of White House and Congress, they are well positioned to pass a repeal motion.  The Senate will have a daunting task of assessing the scores of Trump appointees for his cabinet and for other top positions in the new government.

Summary: Obamacare on the verge of getting revoked by the new Republican administration

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