Nintendo Claims – Apple, Microsoft and Sony are making Game for Smartphone Customers

Apple is committed to getting edge over Sony and Nintendo in portable games just like previous year. The chief executive of Apple claimed in an interview that the iPod of apple have captured the 50% of the market of the game industry. This is enough bold statement given by Steve Jobs; he said the total sale of Nintendo is 132 million units worldwide and the sale of apple is 120 million ISO devises few of them are iPods.

Nintendo demanded the proof of this statement. They said that the Apple Chief executive passed a false statement having no proof about the number of units and time period of this data, written by Nintendo in an email response.

There is no authentic proof of this statement given by Apple’s CEO. Actually it seems quite difficult to reach at ultimate results about this statement because no proper resource was traced from where the data was collected. When we contact with apple’s CEO for further clarification, he yet not provide any information regarding to this matter.

If we statistically analyze the data provided by him then we come to know that iPod is intentionally creating the confusion in the minds of customers. For example, if we take this statement as true, in spite of this iPod is still behind to his competitors because among all the items they sold 50 million are PSP and remaining are iPods touch.

Most of the technologists think that Apple’s sales have decreased tremendously. The sale according to Nintendo is 3.15 million DS units and sale of Sony is 1.2 million PSP units and their aggregate sale is 4.35 million. The total sale of apple is 9.4 million iPods including other items as well. The sale of iPod is 4.35million but it is not necessary that all the users use multipurpose iPods for playing games.