Nissan Introduced a New Electric Vehicle Concept: New Mobility

Nissan New Mobility Concept was presented by the Japanese officials. It looks very much like Renault Twizy ZE and for the Japanese company’s engineers this car represents the vision of future mobility.

The model in question offers two seats and the Japanese are saying about this car that it is as maneuverable as a bike, but without the risks associated with driving a vehicle with two wheels and the inconvenience associated with it. According to Nissan, New Mobility Concept model is both a means of public transportation with hourly rent and a corporate mode of transport used during the work schedule by the employees who need a work vehicle.

Since the model does not require fossil fuels, New Mobility Concept deliver zero grams of CO2 per mile. Obviously, in this calculation has not been taken in consideration the amount of energy required for production, but we can say that this is not considered either for the vehicles with internal combustion engine, so the car manufacturers are even with environmentalists in this chapter. There is currently no information about a possible introduction into production of this model.

Nissan is now focusing on sustainable mobility and is making it through the introduction of the electric model – Leaf – on a good part of the markets they serve. Since December this year, Nissan customers in Japan and the United States of America will receive the first Leaf copies while the European customers will receive their ordered cars during 2011. Partners of the Nissan, Renault, they will also launch an electric vehicle in 2011 on European market – Fluence ZE. That model will be available only in some markets.