No Electronic Cigarettes Shall be permitted in Checked-in Baggage

As per the new rules enforced by the directorate general of civil aviation (DGCA), airlines will no longer allow passengers to carry electronic cigarettes and power banks in checked-in luggage. The decision came as a step to lift up flight safety precautions making it mandatory for the airlines operating India. Jet Airways has announced that they will not permit the use of power banks and electric cigarettes onboard with immediate effects. However, passengers are free to carry such devices in cabin bags. A few weeks back the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security also came up with a similar idea, although, there has been no trace of any global mandate on it.

In addition, electronic devices such vape pens, e-hookah, personal vaporizers or vaping devices or any product that is capable of generating aerosolized nicotine substance for inhalation will be banned for in-flight use. However, the passengers can carry them in-cabin carriers. Thus, following the DGCA orders, all airlines have initiated with implementation process of banning the use of e-cigarettes on board. Jet Airways being few of the first airline companies to comply with the mandatory regulation restricting the use of electronic cigarette at all durations of the flight. The airline has banned the use of any products that can insinuate the risk of accidental fire breakout, although, will allow them in passenger carryon baggage as long as they remain inactive and kept unused. Nicotine quantity vary from one cartridge to another depending on the brands that manufacture them, this makes their safety levels unsure and unidentified. Hence, Aircraft authorities are strictly restricting smoking in the entire vicinity of aircraft.  On the other hand, the dry cell batteries that run electric cigarettes should be removed before they are boarded in the cabin luggage in the flight. Interestingly, like most other countries, India has also banned the carriage of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in all international flights after the reported incidents of the smartphone model catching fire and official discontinuation of production.

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