North Korea added Armament in Front Line

Rocket Scud B South Korea

North Korea has strengthened their armament in its coastal region by dozens new cannons directed to one front-line island of South Korea, said a report on Friday (18/11/2011).

The 76.2mm weapons with 12 kilometers coverage distribution can be seen from Yeonpyeong island, light point in yellow sea, South Korea News Office reported. This step is appeared after South Korea sending additional weapons for closest islands in disputed sea border, he said. Ministry of Defense refused to give comment.

Rocket Scud B North Korea

“It’s seen as reaction of our weapon strengthening in island (front line),” said a military officer who didn’t want his name to be mentioned to Yonhap.
North Korea bombing to Yeonpyeong island on November 2010 killed two South Korea marines and two civilians also caused some damaged building. It was the first attack to civil region since Korea war 1950-53.

High tension relations happened since Seoul accused its neighbor torpedo one South Korea warship on March 2010 near Yellow Sea, which killed 46 people.
North Korea denied that its party has drowned the ship. Since then, South Korea did a serial of military training by itself or with US Armed-Force.

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