North Korea threats to wage “sacred war” against US and South Korean joint military exercises

The North Korea and South Korea cold war again got a boost with North Korea interfering between the joint military drills being conducted by South Korea and the US. North Korea has reportedly warned as it sees the exercise to be a threat against it. The collaborated military exercises in the Korean peninsula still were reported to be carried on despite Pyongyang’s repeated diplomatic attempts to restrict the drills.

With hundreds of extra US military troops’ arrival in South Korea for the military exercises, few more battalions are expected to come in by the next week, and if the reports are to be believed, the joint military venture is supposed to be known as Foal Eagle. Following the reports and the military threats, North Korea termed the joint military exercises as unpardonable infringements and threatened South Korea with a “sacred war”.

But when South Korea was approached to comment, they were simply found to state that the operations are carried out in a defensive way. A quantitative report followed the statement, by stating that 2,000 Americans were taking part in the drill, along with 800 odd army-men based outside South Korea. On the other hand, when US military were approached to comment, they mentioned that the North Korean troops were informed about the joint drill, which will be then monitored by other nations too, so as to assure the terms and conditions of armistice agreement that was signed post the Korean War.

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