Obama is stated as “Tobacco Free”


US President, Barrack Obama is stated as healthy and “Tobacco free”, that’s the result of his last medical checking announced in Washington, Monday (31/10/2011).
In two pages of report released in White House, Dr Jeffrey C Kuhlman also stated, Obama was still active physically, consumed healthy food, healthy weight, and once or twice drinking alcohol in proper standard.


“President is in very good health condition and super-fine to do his duty. All clinical data showed the condition withstands along his official tenure,” wrote Kuhlman.
Obama’s health condition who’s 50 years old last August seemed better than the previous health check which also done by Kuhlman on February 2010.

At that time, Kuhlman stated, Obama should hold the fort to “stop smoking” and cholesterol rate into highest limit. That’s why he had to do diet as needed.
After medical check on 2010, Obama seemed stop his smoking habit. His wife, Michelle, called it as an achievement and revealed it to public some moments ago. Now, his cholesterol rate is stated as ideal.

Obama’s cholesterol rate recently is 193, while on last February 2010, 209. while LDL or the evil cholesterol now only 110, decreased from 138 rate last year.
Obama which has 185 cm height and weighed 82 kilograms is well-known as figure who actively do sports, especially basketball and golf, also other fitness exercise.

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