Obama Prohibited His Daughter to Use Facebook

Obama Prohibited His Daughter to Use Facebook

Barack Obama is depended on social media so he could be elected as US President in 2008. However, he admitted that he prohibited his two daughters to use Facebook. The reason is, he doesn’t want: “stranger to know our business”.

Obama Prohibited His Daughter to Use Facebook

Obama, as reported by Daily Mail, last Saturday said that “it doesn’t make sense to explore the most private detail in his family life to public room. His first daughter, Malia, who’s 13 years old, is old enough to use Facebook. Her daughter, Sasha, has just been 10 years old. But Obama said, he has decided, they should not use Facebook. The prohibition is applied until the next four years.

Obama confession is a bit ironic reminding himself fully uses Facebook and other sites to push youth people elected him in President Campaign – and to reach million dollars of his campaign fund. He’s known as “The First Social Media President”.

His Facebook page, which has 24 millions likes, still becomes important part of his effort to be re-elected in US President Election next year. One of the many pictures on the page shown Obama swimming in the sea with one of his daughter.
In an interview, Obama explained his thought behind the Facebook prohibition by, “Why we want a group of people we don’t know (should) find out our business? It doesn’t make sense.” He added: “We’ll see how they (his children) passed this (prohibition) in four years.”

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