Obama propagates his policies and priorities during his speech in Congress

President Barack Obama addressed the congress on Tuesday. During his speech, Obama said that after a long time taken for recovery, the country started becoming stronger and is on the track to bounce back. During the address, he said that it is not the values of Democrats or Republicans that are at risk, these are the values of American that are at risk.

He said that it is like choosing between choice for a few people and chance for everyone. Americans will have to choose between two situations of country; one, where very few people are flourishing with wealth while some are hardly getting anything. Second, they reconstruct an economy which gives chance to everyone to get a fair share.

Republicans expressed their displeasure about Mr. President not elaborating on $15 trillion debt. They said that it was very irresponsible on part of president for not being concerned about the dire consequences that country can face because of debt. David Gergen, senior political analyst of CNN also described it as a political speed. Obama paid high regards to the troops for displaying Great Spirit of teamwork and unity.

Obama said that it is time to refrain from supporting businesses that export jobs to other countries and start supporting companies that create jobs for Americans. He mentioned about the Dream Act which eases the procedure to get citizenship by the children of illegal immigrants.

Obama replied to Republicans point about energy by saying that he had already ordered his administration to bring up 75% of offshore oil and gas resources. He also said that US oil production recorded highest of previous eight years.

He said that we should aim at a country which in reach of our capabilities. We need an America which leads the world in creating awareness among people. We need an American which welcomes high scale manufacturing and jobs with good salaries for the citizens. In future we should be controlled by our own energy, prosperity and security but not by the conditions of rest of the world.

We need to construct an economy which recognizes hard works and appreciates responsibilities. He also invited Republicans to join him in construction of such economy. He said that there are millions of citizens who abide by the rules and put in hard work. Such people ask for same type of government who abides by rules and then works hard for the people. An America built for future asks everyone to be responsible and expect no bailouts and handouts from the government.

In an official reply by GOP, Daniels, Indiana Governor said that it was not acceptable on part of president to blame Republicans. We, together, need to switch over to constructive economic policies. He also said that a simple tax code with fewer loopholes and fewer rates is invited.

Democrats said that the time has come for Obama to make people understand that his constructive policies started paying back. This is evident from the growing economy of the country. It has added around 3.2 million jobs with in just 22 months of time. On the other side, Republicans say that Obama’s policies blocked the complete growth. They rather increased several regulations and caused delay in creation  of opportunities. They said Keyston XL oil pipeline is a live example of blocked growth.

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