Obama Reluctant to Discuss “Microphone Case”

Obama Reluctant to Discuss “Microphone Case”

US President, Barack Obama, rejected to discuss private conversation which “leaked” between him and France President Nicolas Sarkozy. In the conversation, Sarkozy called Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as liar.

In conversation caught by microphone which in case was still on position in G-20 Summit this month in France, Obama also showed how frustrate him with the Israel Prime Minister. “Related with hot mic in France, I would not comment on conversation I’ve done with the leaders individually,” said Obama.

Obama Reluctant to Discuss “Microphone Case”

However, in press conference in Hawai at Asia-Pacific Summit, Obama continued that he has “honest and firm” conversation with Sarkozy about France support to Palestine when joined UNESCO. “I consistently sent argument that the only way we can solve situation in Middle East is when Palestine and Israel sit on the table and negotiate. We won’t work to solve (the problem) through United Nations.”

The microphone incident firstly report in a France blog. The incident then developed into something embarrassing for White House. The incident also became ammunition for political observer who viewed Obama is too hard to Israel and in danger to lose Jewish support in US Election next year.

Private conversation between Obama and Sarkozy was heard by some reporters after accidentally sent through system used for interpreting, said Arret sur Images media site. Sarkozy was reported saying to Obama about Netanyahu in Francais, “I can’t hold him (Netanyahu) any longer, he’s a liar.” Obama said, “You might fed up with him, what about me, I have to deal with him every day.”

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