Obama Tries To Win Conviction on His Healthcare Bill

Six weeks to go before the elections, Obama shoots a new campaign to win the conviction on his new healthcare bill which intends to bring about many changes. He visited large family home in Virginia to talk about and convince them about the new bill which is going to be a law from Thursday.

He talked about some of the provisions and tried to clarify how this law can help U.S economy to recover. He also admitted that he sometimes feel guilty that he is not much pro-active to translate the issues to the country.

As the White house defined it, “putting a human face” on the law, It was an event attended by many Americans who are beneficiaries of this law. According to authorities, most voters might have been thinking this law as a confused bunch of arguments but this exercise could help them understanding the real spirit of the law.

Following the Republican’s opposition and insurers’ objections, general polls are coming down against the bill as well. However President Obama used some stories from this event as rebuttals against the opponents.

Obama underlined the stories of a woman who had cancer but couldn’t wait for “high risk pool” and a woman who couldn’t buy the policy for her son’s eye surgery. Obama directly engaged Republicans and asked them to come and say these people directly that “Woman, you can’t buy the policy” and “Woman, your son’s eye surgery isn’t covered in the policy.”

Obama highlighted that their economy was suffering due to healthcare issues and he and his team decided to take up this challenge and resolve it.

Republicans are still opposing this law as the elections are approaching in which they are expected to take leads from Democrats. Senator Lamar Alexander, a republican, told that insurance companies should be allowed to sell policies across the states, which will ultimately build up the competition and cut down the prices.