Officer from Saddam Era would be Executed

Officer from Saddam Era would be Executed

Tariq Aziz, ex-Iraq Foreign Affairs Minister in Saddam Hussein Era, would be executed next year, after US army cringing from the country, said Iraq Prime Minister advisor to CNN, Monday (5/12/2011).

“It surely will happen, and it will happen after America leave Iraq,” said the advisor, Saad al-Muttalibi Yousif, about Aziz.

Officer from Saddam Era would be Executed

A Lawyer, Tariq Aziz said, he was surprised. “I don’t hope the government would be that fool, by doing such execution, they will bring this country in the edge,” said Badi Arif in a telephone interview. “Then what about national reconciliation voiced by Government? The government position will be weaker if they do execution after US Army leaves the country, and it will create worse conflict among factions in Iraq.”

A New regulations is in consideration, which will make possible for death sentence to be legalized, said al-Muttalibi. Al-Muttalibbi added, all Iraq citizens, including three main sectarians of the country – which are Sunni, Syiah and Kurdi – supported the regulations.

Aziz was caught by US army in April 2003, not long after invasion of US armed forces to bring Hussein down. Azis seemed weak when he testified in Saddam’s court on 2006 for war crime accusation. The dictator was then hung up in the end of that year.

Aziz was sentenced to death in October 2010 by High Court of Iraq for his role in eliminating Religious parties along Saddam Hussein’s regime. His family were so surprised of the decision. To CNN, his daughter, Zainab Aziz, at that time said, “My father served his country for more than 22 years. He gave himself over US army (after Hussein fell) since he wasn’t afraid. He didn’t do something wrong. He devoted himself to his country.” Zainab added, “He’s been loss”.

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