Owing to its Applications across Various Industries, the Global n-Hexane Market is Expected to Gain Traction in the Near Future

n-Hexane is a chemical prepared from crude oil and is utilized for various purposes by mixing it with solvents. n-Hexane has been broadly used as easily evaporated and cost-effective non-polar solvent. It has been applied in various industries such as food, adhesives & sealants, industrial cleaning & degreasing, pharmaceuticals and textile. It is easy to recycle and remove n-Hexane from edible oil and n-Hexane is used as a solvent in resin production too. Having been used for several laboratory applications such as in liquid chromatography, dilution and extraction, it is also used in the form of additives for consumer products such as inks, varnishes & glue. The global n-Hexane market is projected to witness 5.7% CAGR during 2016 to 2024 according to a study by Persistence Market Research (PMR).

Various Uses of n-Hexane

Most of the n-Hexane utilized in industries is blended with similar chemicals known as solvents. One of the major used of solvents consisting n-Hexane is the extraction of vegetable oils from soybeans and other crops. These solvents are also applied as cleaning agents in shoemaking, textile, furniture and printing industries. Certain types of special glues applied in shoe & leather and roofing industries also comprise of n-Hexane. n-Hexane is also present in various consumer products such as quick drying glues, rubber cement and gasoline. n-Hexane has been useful for various industrial purposes such as carpet adhesive solvents, electrical insulation (gaseous), vapor degreasing solvents in electroplating, solvents for insecticide production, etc.

Economic Growth and Increasing Demand from End-Use Industries to Drive the Global n-Hexane Market

n-Hexane provides high yield from various seeds as it is an effective extraction agent for edible oils. n-Hexane recycling is easy and thus it holds an irreplaceable and dominant position in the extraction of oil. The global n-Hexane market is likely to be driven by increasing population along with soaring demand for refined oil. n-Hexane possesses special properties of removing unnecessary taste and odor. These properties are expected to drive the demand for n-Hexane among edible oil industries. Rise in demand for n-Hexane among end-use industries owing to economic growth, particularly in emerging markets such as India and China is expected to propel the global n-Hexane market in the near future. In contrast, the global n-Hexane market may face the challenges regarding public awareness on volatile organic compounds released from n-Hexane-based products and increasing environmental concerns which are considered as impeding factors for n-Hexane market.

Rise in Awareness among the Population on n-Hexane’s Harmful Effects

Inhaling excessive amounts of n-Hexane results in numbness in hands & feet, muscle weakness in the lower legs and feet. Continuous exposure to n-Hexane causes paralysis of arms & legs. Even after removing from exposure, recovering takes from six months to a year. The NIOSH (National Institute of Safety and Health) has recommended the limit for n-Hexane content in workplace air which is 50 parts per million. Whereas the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has recommended the limit as 500 parts per million of n-Hexane in workplace air. An individual is most likely to get exposed to n-Hexane by inhaling air contaminated with it. Owing to its presence in gasoline, almost every individual is exposed to n-Hexane in the air. Due to these reasons, there is increasing awareness among the population for controlling n-Hexane emissions.

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