Passengers fought, flight was diverted

Passengers fought, flight was diverted

A plane flew from Tenerife island, Spain, to Finland was diverted to land on Schiphol International Airport, Amsterdam, Netherland, after a passenger fought with one plane’s crew, Sunday (25/12/2011).

Passengers fought, flight was diverted

Airport Security Forces’ Spokesperson, Martijn Peelan said, his party had arrested a 57 years old passenger who fought with plane’s crew as soon as the plane landed.

According to Peelan, the man in the beginning had quarrel with his wife, which caused rag, so that a cabin crew tried to intercede. But, rather than stopping the quarrel, the Finland male was challenged the crew to fight, but he was defeated by the crew.

Police, recently still interrogates the suspect and some witnesses. According to the report, 177 plane passengers were still in the plane along the investigation. Peelan rejected to reveal the detail of arrested passenger or the plane type and its company.

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