Pizza Hut’s Mobile Ordering Prices Sliced down, Diners Tempted to Place Mobile Orders

The company announces 50% off on full-price pizzas ordered online, by January 9.

In a quick bid to entice pizza diners, Pizza Hut has slashed its mobile ordering prices. Following a close competitor’s superior digital technology efforts that ended up earning huge profits for the company, Pizza Hut announces to cut down on the prices of mobile orders, as a part of strengthening its online business marketing strategy. This trick will reportedly help the brand to gulp a bigger piece of the mobile pie.

To lure millions of existing and new users, Pizza Hut announced to offer a whopping 50% off on online orders of full-price pizzas. The deal will be on, on the official Pizza Hut website till January 9, 2017.

  • Similar to most of the competitors in the market, Pizza Hut has been an early digital technology adopter.
  • Over the years, digital pizza ordering has been the fastest-growing purchase segment of the company and it still continues to account for a bigger revenue share compared to orders booked in-store.
  • While the company continues to strive hard in delivering a simpler, better, and more convenient consumer experience with online orders, mobile has been identified to be the largest contributor.
  • With this bang-on upselling deal at the beginning of the New Year, Pizza Hut aspires to ring up overall shares even higher this year.

“This is neither about going digital nor about mobile orders and payments. This all simply lands us to a better customer experience, which is briefly the linchpin for us here,” quoted one of the Pizza Hut officials. “We’re just trying to adapt to evolving consumers’ spending habits through safe, secure, and easy-to-use mobile payment options,” he added further.

While Domino’s has been an exemplary chain that has been on the competitive edge within the industry since years, the potential of online or precisely mobile ordering to offer attractive outcome could not be overstated. Pizza Hut is all set to follow the suit and capitalize on this fantastic opportunity right at the start of 2017.

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