Portable Water Pumps to Witness High Demand in India

Expanding urbanization across the globe is driving portable water pumps usage in residential and commercial segments at the rapid pace. This is leading to growth in dependence on groundwater. Also, irregularity in monsoon is the chief factor stimulating the growth for portable water pumps mainly in agricultural segment.

The growth in the urban populace is creating an enormous stress on the existing water infrastructure. This majorly comprises elimination of treatment of wastewater and transport of utility water. This has encouraged several government authorities in Africa and Asia to boost their investment in drinking water and irrigation schemes.

India has witnessed huge demand for portable water systems in the recent times.  According to a report, Chandigarh is observing huge demand in both urban as well as rural areas. They have amplified the use of portable water machines in order to save water and improve their operations. Based on the recent publication, residents of Chandigarh have started facing the issue of insufficient water supply as the summer has arrived. The city observes the inadequacy of over 29 gallons of water supply on the daily basis. Mainly, slum areas in the city have stated huge shortage with irregular water supplies. The local management is worried about the wastage of water and has proclaimed substantial fines on those found exploiting the portable water.

Launch of Portable Solar Water Pump in India

Accessing and saving water is the biggest challenge faced by farmers in India. In order to save water and fertilizer, farmers have recently implemented drip irrigation procedure to irrigate their farms.

P.David Raja Beula is the assistant director of Horticulture Kadayam, located in Tamil Nadu. He has recently launched the novel and efficient method of accessing water from the ground. He has established a solar panel drought fighter that uses 0.37 BKW of power. The machine comprises a solar panel, a suction tube, a delivery tube (smaller in size), and a spray gun. He had also developed a solar water pump a few years ago that used 0.020 KW of power. The new solar water pump can cover more than 25% of the area in ten minutes. It may also cover more area by periodically shifting the system.

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This sprayer can be used for the different types of water soluble fertilizers and crops. The system can also be efficiently used for spraying organic manures. Organic manure compound is extremely rich in nitrogen and prominently contains rotten grass and animal waste.

Beula also revealed “since the sprayer is operated by solar power and is free from electricity, the labor of carrying weight of water is entirely eliminated”

The sprayer can cultivate the flowers and vegetables, even when the well has the minimum quantity of water. The machine can also be used in dairy having more than 10 animals. Dairy units face the major restraint of cleaning the cow dung manually. The machine can be accustomed to such a method where the water can rinse the cow urine and dung and amass them into the channels.

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