President Al Assad: I don’t involve violence


Suriah President, Bashar al-Assad, denied himself as the one behind violence attacked Suriah in the last few months. Al Assad said, he didn’t command his armed force to fight his own people.


“They are not my soldier,” said Al-Assad in an interview to ABC journalist, Barbara Walters. He responded a question whether he thought that his army had gone too far to the protesters for these last nine months.

“They are government’s soldiers. I didn’t owe them. I’m a president. I’m not this country’s owner. So they aren’t my soldiers.”

Is it true that al-Assad, the highest commander who has rights to give order for all military operation? “No, nonsense,” he said.

So, it wasn’t your command? “No,” he denied, “it’s not according to someone’s command. There’s no order to kill or do brutality act.”

Al-Assad said, the Army who “gone too far” had been disciplined. “All ‘brutal reaction’ were done by individual, not an institution. That’s you should find out,” he replied in the interview. “There are differences between having policy to harshly taking action and having some mistakes done by some officers. There is big different. We didn’t kill,” said Al-Assad. “it’s impossible for anyone in this country to give command to kill.”

He then continued, “ No government in this world who kill his people except if the country lead by a lunatic person.”

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