President Obama Wants Arab and Israel to Continue Talks

Obama has stated at the U.N General Assembly that Israel should prolong its suspension of new settlements and Arab world should try to normalize their relation with Jew state. He also pressed that this time around, the talks between Palestine and Israel should be more meaningful to resolve 60 years long struggle.

The President was somehow focused on Israel-Palestine conflict in his speech. These talks between Israel and Palestine, arranged by U.S, however feared to collapse as the deadline of 30 September approaches. After this date Israel will allow to start building Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Not looking to stretch deadline, Israel can start building and Palestine threat to shut the door of discussions if Israel builds up again.

Obama, however sees this as a huge opportunity to draw some conclusion out of peaceful talks. He suggest that Israel should prolong their arrangement of not building up new settlements and then both parties should keep on having these talks until they come up with a solution.

He also met the Chinese Premier on current currency conflict, and told Iran that U.S stayed positive to resolve the nuclear program conflict between Iran and U.S through diplomacy.

However Iranian President heated the bowl when he pointed out that many people believed that U.S remained as the mastermind behind the 9/11. It resulted into the walk out of U.S and many European delegations.

Obama’s meeting with the Chinese head Wen was stretched over 2 hours and center point was however, the currency conflict, in which Obama urged that China should allow its currency to gain more value.

Wen didn’t cite anything about currency issue in his speech and suggested that China is working to maximize employment opportunity and help those 150 million who are living below the poverty line in China.