Print technology growth from Dusseldorf

Print technology growth from Dusseldorf

Print technology growth from Dusseldorf

Green technology which is environmental friendly becomes challenge in world print industry technology. It becomes one spirit from drupa or world print industry exhibition which is held once in four years. In press conference received this Friday night, Messe Düsseldorf Gmbh as organizer noted May 3rd – 16th 2012 as the event schedule.

According to President & CEO of Messe Düsseldorf Gmbh Werner M Dornscheidt, in addition of green industry, some challenge for print industry advance are functional printing, hybrid, multichannel, and ink jet. “This is the most important chance not to be passed by world print industry players,” he said.

In previous event, 2008, there are 1.953 companies from 53 countries presented. The visitors reached 390.000 people. From the amount, its 59 percent comes from outside German. Then, 78 percent from the visitors amount are decision taker.

Meanwhile, still according to Dornscheidt, data showed that Asian print industry has growth dynamically. China is still number one by big industry improvement in 168 billion euro position from early position 133 billion Euro.

In the future, in 2014, print industry volume in this bamboo curtain developed into 70 billion Euro. Previously the volume size is 49 billion Euro.

The average of world print industry, until now in average 1.6 percent. But according to the prediction, print industry growth in Indonesia reached 4.7 percent.

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