Qualification Criteria for the Boston Marathon Too Lenient For Women

Oct. 18th is the last date to get registered for the coming year’s Boston Marathon as was duly announced earlier. The marathon will have a maximum number of 26,800 participants, who must qualify for the time standards stipulated by the Boston Athletic Association.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal has put forward a question: Are qualification standards, which need to meet for getting registered for the Boston Marathon, too soft for the women?

The office of Boston Athletic Association is anticipating thousands of desirous people and athletes wanting to get registered on Monday.

The Boston Marathon has a fixed field size allowing only a specific number of participants, so the Association has specified certain rules which don’t allow a person to race if he or she doesn’t meet the specific criteria.

Since the above criteria and the related conditions are a bit softer for the women, we see more and more women participating in the marathon and filling up the field on the day of the marathon. This made the Wall Street Journal’s reporter to propose that the qualifying criteria for women needs to be made a bit stricter so as to have an equal proportion of men and women presented on the day of marathon.

Charlie Roger says at the Bill Rogers Running Centre in Boston that qualifying times are a relative concept and not an absolute one so can be debated upon.

So when you’ll go for registering for the marathon, you would certainly think for a moment about the qualifying standards. At the same time the organizers of the event need to think about the standards and that whether they should be so biased in favor of women.

So, if you qualify as per the criteria, and you want to run in the Boston Marathon, then you need to complete the registration form so as to become assured that you could participate in the marathon.