Rapid Increase in End-use Adoption to Boost Tantalum Capacitors Market Revenue Growth

Global Tantalum Capacitors Market: Introduction

Tantalum capacitors are sub-segment type of electrolytic capacitors. These capacitors are made of tantalum metal which acts as an anode, covered by an oxide layer which acts as the dielectric, surrounded by the conductive cathode. These capacitors are polarized capacitors with superior frequency and stability characteristics. These capacitors have relatively high permittivity dielectric layer which is very thin, and that distinguishes from other conventional and electrolytic capacitors in having lower weight and high capacitance per volume. Because of the advances in technology the tantalum capacitors are used in a wide variety of circuits, electronic gadgets, automotive industry, cell phones and others, most often in the form of Surface Mounted Devices (SMD). Very less space is claimed by this surface mount tantalum capacitors on the printed circuit board and allow for greater packing densities. With the help of these features tantalum capacitors market is expected to grow significantly.

Global Tantalum Capacitors Market: Dynamics

The growing importance and demand for electronic gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and other equipment is the major factor driving the growth of the Tantalum Capacitor Market. Tantalum capacitors have numerous applications because of their long term stability, high capacity, reliability and low leakage current. Hence they are used in sample and hold circuits, medical devices, audio amplifiers and they are also used for power supply filtering on motherboards of electronic gadgets like laptops and cell phones. Due to their wider application the demand of tantalum capacitors is increasing, fueling the growth of the market. Moreover these capacitors are also used extensively in the aviation and land based gas turbine, because of which the growth in aviation and aerospace industries of Tantalum Capacitors is going to rise at a good pace.

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However majority of the Tantalum ores are located in Africa and there is a ban on mining in the African continent, hence this ban will lead to a demand and supply gap in the near future which in turn will rise the price of the capacitors. So the price rise of the capacitors is expected to badly impact the growth of the Tantalum Capacitors market.

Global Tantalum Capacitors Market: Segmentation

The global Tantalum Capacitor Market can be segmented on the basis of type of capacitor, application and region.

By type

  • Tantalum Capacitors with Porous Anode and Solid Electrolyte
  • Tantalum Capacitors with Porous Anode and Liquid Electrolyte
  • Tantalum Foil Electrolytic Capacitor

By application

  • Power supply filtering
  • Audio amplifiers
  • Medical devices
  • Military applications
  • Sample and hold circuits
  • Electronic gadgets

Global Tantalum Capacitors Market: Competition Landscape

Key Developments

In March 2018, AVX Corporation manufactured new T4Z medical series tantalum capacitors providing an ideal alternative for the commercial capacitors. The T4Z series tantalum capacitor is manufactured using industry leading design and is intended for use in high reliability medical devices. The new series capacitors deliver high reliability, consistency, they are robust and also strictly change-controlled to ensure continuity. These capacitors are designed to replace the commercial capacitors in the circuits of non-critical medical devices that require high reliability, non-life sustaining devices, such as neuro-stimulators, insulin pumps, temporary cardiac monitors and many other devices.

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Key Vendors

The key vendors in Tantalum Capacitors Market are CEC, Abracon, Kyocera (AVX), Kemet, Rohm Semiconductor, Panasonic, Talison Minerals Pvt. Ltd., Sunlord, Vishay and TE Connectivity.

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