Republicans Trial After November 2 Elections By President Obama

On Tuesday the senior adjutants of President Barack Obama impeached Senate Republican Leader McConnell that he was encouraging political jammed pack and he said that Obama was a one-term president.

Obama is testing republicans if they want to work with him after mid term elections as there is a possibility for them to take seats in congressional elections in next Tuesday ,according to the white house officials.

Republicans appeared firmly in congressional Elections and could be dominant to take control of the House of Representatives and bring down the Democratic Majority in the Senate. It can be hard for Obama’s Politics in Washington.

Obama’s Senior Advisor David Axelrod told that Republicans were prepared well to work together but there raised a question that if they could work along with Obama as well. In January when a new Congress takes power, Republicans are secured enough in this battle with Obama democrats due to taxes spending and deficits possibilities.

Obama is looking for four year term in the context of 2012 presidential elections campaign and Republicans are more likely to take exception. McConnell supports his re-election by showing his anger and declared that Republicans would not effort to become President’s foil till next two years of the White House.

McConnell said that the single most important thing they wanted to attain was for President Barack Obama is to be one-term President. Robert Gibbs the Spokesman of The White house told that Obama thought that there must be some similarities among the two parties.

Gibbs added that first message of senator McConnell was highly unsatisfactory that this political gridlock and gamesmanship was what the American people will be waiting for the next two years, the outcome of this election is regardless. McConnell is giving priority to end President Barack Obama’s administration liberal agenda, McConnell spokesman retorted.