Rescue Operations Are In Progress to Save Third Survivor in Cruise Accident off Italian coast

Firefighters continued with operations to rescue a survivor who got stuck in Costa Concordia cruise. Reportedly the survivor is an Italian and had a broken leg. As per a press release, the rescuers could speak to the third survivor found on cruise. He was working as a crew member. Before this, a couple on honeymoon trip from South Korea wes rescued on Saturday.

When the cruise met with accident, there were 4200 people aboard. Out of 4200, three people were confirmed dead by Friday night. Coast guard divers will try to find if anyone remained caught in the cruise’s belly. Coast guard divers have already collected the black box of cruise. This black box is supposed to have recordings pertaining to navigational details.

Many rescued passengers complained of crew members for not issuing proper directions to evacuate. They have also complained that crew delayed the lowering of life boats even after the emergency was clear.

Initially, crew members kept saying that it was a technical problem. The cruise, Costa Crociera Spa was owned by Carnival Corps, a US based giant cruise corp. The cruise had started on January 7. The corp supported its crew and said they would cooperate in the investigation. The corp in a press release expressed sympathy for those who lost lives. The said press release not mentioned anything about delay in evacuation.

Francesco Schettino, the captain of the cruise was once detained for investigation. He was charged with allegations of manslaughter, causing ship wreck and abounding ship before others.


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