Retail Store Game Changer Arrives – Amazon Smart Stores to Open Early this Year

Amazon announces to open smart retail stores embracing advanced technology to deliver an absolutely convenient, no-checkout shopping experience to consumers.

In a bid to take a page from its online retailing counterparts, Amazon plans to open smart retail stores operating on smart technology, which is considered to be a great opportunity for the online retail giant to completely revolutionize main street commerce. New smart stores will reportedly feature robots to help consumers, interactive mirrors, sensor-enabled smart shelves, AR or virtual reality, automated self-checkout technology, and much more similar to that in connected cars and self-driving cars.

Although a majority of tech savvy population prefer online shopping today, a certain portion of the populace is still reluctant about buying things on the Internet. Smart stores will have everything that consumers want while shopping, may it be grocery, apparel, or anything else. They will offer all the real-world features to shoppers and attract them to spend on whatever they wish to purchase without getting through the check-out queue.

The first experimental convenience/grocery store of Amazon will be open soon in downtown Seattle. Consumers will experience the amazingly advanced technology that will neither ask them to keep a note of whatever they are picking from selves nor wait at the check-out counter. Shoppers will have to scan their smartphone’s Amazon Go app while entering a smart store. Shelves with sensors will track items that are picked from or returned to shelves and the respective charges will be added to their Amazon account.

The first grocery store in Seattle will sell snacks and ready-to-eat meal items prepared by (on-site) chefs. Local bakery items will also be there on the shelves, including bread. Milk and high-end cheese are also expected to be featured by the store, in addition to chocolate. Amazon, with this experimental store, targets only grocery and focuses on the same consumer base that is already comfortable with online shopping.

Besides Amazon smart stores based on an entirely smart technology, sources confirm that Neiman Marcus and a few other high-end clothing brands are checking interactive mirrors at their stores to offer their customers a 360-degree virtual shopping experience. Smart retail store will be a breakthrough trend and Amazon hopes that it could get much easier than digital shopping.

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