Rumor that Voice of SpongeBob, Tom Kenny died

We have been receiving rumors about Tom Kenny’s fictitious death for a few days.  It is not known why the news on internet is trying to report the fictitious death of Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob.

Those sites, which have been spreading the news of his fake death, are now disapproved by people greatly and they cannot flourish on such yellow journalism.

We know that this is not the first time that such news about Tom Kenny has been spread all around the internet. A few months ago, in the current year, we heard about his life that it is going to end and now again we are hearing and reading the same news and rumors again.

It’s interesting to note that his two kids and his wife have been in search of the guys who spread this false news about his getting killed. His wife and kids have gone through this fake rumor twice.

These days, we get to hear a lot of fake news about the death of many famous celebrities but it’s more than a coincidence that Tom Kenny, also known as SpongeBob, has been the victim of this joke more than once.

It’s however wonderful news for the die-hard fans of SpongeBob all over the world that he is alive and hale and hearty.