Russia is Angry of Missile Shield, NATO Asked to Meet

Russia is Angry of Missile Shield, NATO Asked to Meet

NATO will try to convince Moskwa this week that their missile shield in Europe isn’t aimed to Russia. The effort is done after Kremlin threatened to spread weapon system near Europe Union borders.

US Foreign Affairs Minister, Hillary Clinton, will join with her 27 NATO colleagues to talk about this matter in Wednesday (7/12/2011), which also will touch about security transition in Afghanistan, relations with Arab worlds, and tension in Kosovo. Then they will meet Russian Foreign Affaris Minister Sergei Lavrov in Thursday to tell him that missile shield will be continued, but NATO still want to negotiate about cooperation agreement with Moskwa, said the alliance diplomats.

Russia is Angry of Missile Shield, NATO Asked to Meet

“Than being threat for NATO in perceiving NATO missile defense spread, it would be better for NATO and Russia to cooperate in dealing with threats we will face together,” said a senior Officers of NATO.

A Diplomat said, NATO want to “calm down the situation” after Russia which activating warning system radar to missiles entered their regions in Kaliningrad Europe Union border, a week ago. Several days before, President Dmitry Medvedev threatened to spread missile in Kaliningrad but he still gave chance to continue NATO defense system dialog a year after he agreed to probe about cooperation.

“We’re clear, and I assumed, we’ll be clearer in Minister level that NATO missile defense will be continued, and the missile shield won’t be directed to Russia defense,” said NATO senior officer.

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