Russia keeps selling weapon to Suriah

Russia keeps selling weapon to Suriah

Russia will keep exporting weapon to Suriah since there are still no international decision made to decide whether it’s illegal or not, said an important officer in Russia industry.

Talking in Air Exhibition in Dubai, Emirates, Vice Director of Russian Technique Cooperating and Millitary Service (FSVTS), Viacheslav Dzirkaln, said, “Because there’s no limitation in weapon shipment to Suriah, Russia will respect contract obligation with the country.”

Russia keeps selling weapon to Suriah

Russia has said in previous August that they will keep sending weapon to their old allies. Russia ignored exclamation by US Foreign minister, Hillary Clinton to countries who still trade weapons with Suriah to stop trading with the country.

International pressure has raised up to President Bashar al-Assad to end his oppression to his opposition, which according to UN had caused at least 3.500 people died. Assad Security Force had cracked down pro-democracy demonstrants who inspired by Arab Spring Revolution since March 15th.

Although Russia Pressident Dmitry Medvedev on October had asked the Suriah Leader to accept reformation or resign, Russia against UN Sanction to Suriah and affirmed the need to create dialog.

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