Russia warns the west against attacking Iran

Russian foreign minister warned the west that an attack on Iran would have “catastrophic” consequences. Sergei Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia, said that an attack on Iran would cause a lot of inflow of refuges into Middle East. This inflow will fuel the flames of tensions on sectarian issue.

Ehud Barak, Defence Minister of Israel said that decisions on attacking Iran are quite far off from the reality. Whereas, Iran Foreign Minister said that Istanbul is the most probable venue for talks on their nuclear program. Ali Akbar Salehi told that the negotiations are on with regard to data and venue.

UK foreign office said that there will not be any plans on anything, including date and venue of talks, till Iran proves to the rest of the world that it would respond to the letter written by Baroners Ashton. It said that Iran should not come up with any proposals and preconditions. A year ago Istanbul was the venue when Iran held talks with Germany, Russia, France, china, US and UK.

The US and other allies suspect that Iran is secretly developing nuclear weapons. US recently imposed sanctions on two oil companies and Central Bank of Iran. In return, Iran threatened to cease Strait of Hormuz.

Across US, concern are growing that Israel may initiate a military action on Iran without consulting US. However, Mr. Obama tried to pacify them. Israel also told that it would make all plans only after consulting the US.

General Dempsey, US Defense Chief will be visiting Israel on Thursday. Israel is planning to update General Dempsey with the intelligence assessment available with them. This intelligence assessment says that Iran has not yet decided upon the issue of nuclear bomb.

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