Russian Nuclear Submarine Was Burned

Russian Nuclear Submarine Was Burned

Nuclear powered submarine, Yekaterinburg from Russian Navy North Armada was burned when it was repaired in shipyard near Murmansk city, Northern Russia, Thursday (29/12/2011) night at local time or this Friday (30/12/2011) early morning.

Russian Nuclear Submarine Was Burned

That Delta-IV class submarine was repaired in dry shipyard when one of the wood structure in the shipyard get burned and the fire spread into outside part of the submarine. Russian Emergency State Ministry party said that there was no casualties or injured victim in the incident, and there’s no radiation of nuclear reactor inside the submarine.

Russian Navy North Armada spokesperson, Captain Vadim Serga said, there’s no possibility that fire spread into the inside part of submarine. “There’s no possibility that the fire spread through the ship wall, and there’s no threat to equipment inside the ship,” Serga stated clearly.

Russian Defense Ministry added, nuclear reactor which become the main power inside the submarine has also shut down and in safe condition. “the (Nuclear reactor) powerhouse inside the submarine has been shut down and now in safe condition,” said Russia Defense Ministry spokesman, Igor Konashenkov to Russian National television.

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